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Michigan Cannabis Events Website Launch!


A Michigan Cannabis Events Website

Many people started hosting cannabis events back before Marijuana was fully legal in Michigan. Lots of cannabis community members threw all different types and sizes of celebrations.

The founder of this website attended those celebrations and loved revering the cannabis plant at these events.

There was only one problem.


These events didn’t have a central home on the internet where all these events could reside for others to see and attend if they wanted. It was only a “word of mouth” basis or following the right Instagram and Facebook profiles.

After many years of learning how to start a business, learning web development, and implementing those two together, Michigan Cannabis Events is finally born.

Since Corona hit, it is now time to start this project and finally get the cannabis community on one page together to honor the plant and how it brings us all together.

This website is dedicated to the pioneers of Michigan who fought for legalization and who hosted events even though the law said we probably shouldn’t.

Thank you! Stay tuned for more information on our site and what you can do to help it come to life.

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